Sarah Oliver

(Thanks to a number of family members for much of the following information)

Sarah Oliver with grandchildren, Eva Joyce Oliver [left] and Elaine Oliver [right]

John Thomas Thuell was born 3 May 1825 in Dodbrooke, Devon, England, the fourth child of William Thuell and Mary Winchester.

John married Susana Fletcher (born 11 Dec 1827, Berry Pomeroy, Devon, England) on 25 December 1851 in Bridgetown, Devonshire, England.

They had 6 children, two of whom were born prior to the family coming to Australia. They were: Susannah Fletcher (b.21 Apr 1853, Ashprington, Devon), Grace (b. 24 Oct 1855, Ashprington, Devon), Elizabeth Ann (b. 21 Oct 1858, Nundle, NSW, Australia), Eliza Jane (b. 21 Oct 1860, Nundle, NSW, Australia), Robert Light Richard (b. 3 Apr 1863, Nundle, NSW, Australia), and Maria Fletcher (b. 29 Sep 1865, Nundle, NSW, Australia).

Susana Thuell (nee Fletcher)

John and Susana, with their two children Susannah and Grace, came to Australia aboard the "Kate" in company with John's brother, William, and his wife Elizabeth. They arrived in Sydney on 27 December 1856 and settled at Hanging Rock, a gold mining community some 5 miles from Nundle in NSW.

John and Susana are both buried in the Nundle Cemetery where their headstone still stands (see pic).

THE EARLY THUELL'S (as passed on by Bill Thuell of Canada)

"The earliest direct ancestor found is Henry THUELL who married Ann NORRISSE on June 28, 1686, at South Brent, Devon, England. They had six children: Ann (c. 28 June, 1687), Henry (c. 5 Mar 1689), Richard (c. 4 Sep 1692), John (c. 18 May 1695), Robert (c. 23 Jan 1697) and Elizabeth (c. 17 Aug 1701).

Registered in the burials are Robert, John and Elizabeth, but as no ages were recorded then, I can only assume that these are the infant children of Henry and Ann. There was an Ann who died in 1703 and this left only Henry to grow to manhood."

Susannah Fletcher Hewett
(nee Thuell)

Charles Shallum Hewett (right), Susannah Fletcher Hewett (nee Thuell), John Thuell (left)

Sussanah Fletcher Phoo (dau.of Eliza Jane and George Ah Phoo)

Robert Thuell with niece Elizabeth Lowing (dau. of Maria Fletcher Thuell)