Sarah Oliver

(Not all the family information given below on Sarah's family has been confirmed, but my reseach indicates it to be factual -- Stuart Oliver)

Sarah Oliver with grandchildren, Eva Joyce Oliver [left] and Elaine Oliver [right]

Sarah Woods was born in Camperdown, Sydney, New South Wales, 27 April 1861, to James Woods and Catherine Healy [her marriage certificate shows it as Haley]; she died 15 Jan 1928, in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Little else is known at this stage about her.

Death certificates indicate the names may be Wood, not Woods, and Haly, not Healy.

It is me belief that Sarah was the 7th child of James and Catherine Woods. Other children are Elizabeth [b. 1849], John W. [b. 1851], Henry [b. 1853], Catherine [b. 1857], James [b.1858], Ellen [b. 1859], all in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

There is reference to there being 4 boys, but I can find none but the three; perhaps he died at birth and was not registered.

The only photo so far found of Sarah Woods, shown here with grandchildren Eva Joyce Oliver, daughter of Arthur Oliver and Elaine Oliver, daughter of James Oliver.