Tot Our Descendants

An artist friend's interpretation of me!

The following "books" have been compiled so that our grandchildren, and their children, may gain an insight into their forebears . . . What were we like? Where did we come from?

Through the stories, the pictures, and letters, they will be able to reach out and understand the type of people we are. They, like genealogists the world over, will seek this knowledge because, hidden in the shadows of the mind, is the certain knowledge that we come from the past and, here on earth, are only in transit to the future.

On the following page is a poem, found amongst family papers, and written by an unknown author who understood this only too well.

The next page carries the lyrics of my favourite hymn, for in them can be heard the cry from the heart of every human being at some time in their life, regardless of their espoused beliefs.

. . . Stuart Oliver