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Many family members have fed me information over the years, and it would be impossible to name all. However, I would like to thank a few in particular who, like me, have spent many hours and a lot of money researching, travelling and compiling information about our forebears:

Pat Gordon of Musswellbrook, New South Wales, for all her help on the Hewett and Thuell lines of our family. Pat has done an enormous amount of research and has selflessly passed on any and all information freely.

Bob Brennan of Sylvania, New South Wales - another Oliver descendant who was instrumental in finding Jane Ann Oliver and others.

Val Olney of Mt Pleasant, Western Australia, another descendant of the Hewetts, who was able to arrange for me to view and transcribe the "Faith Letter". This amazing letter was written on both sides of small, fragile and semi-translucent paper similar to Japanese rice paper, and was in as good a condition today as when it was written all those years ago.

Charlotte Creanor, deceased daughter of Charles Shallum Hewett, who gave me all the old family photos from which I was, with much help from Pat Gordon, able to piece together much of the Hewett information.

Don and Shirley Sneddon of Tamworth, New South Wales, who helped me with my endeavours to sort through the Sneddon history.

Last, but by no means least, the Authors and Co-workers of the two books, "History of Charles Thomas Hewett and His Second Child", and "Four Hewetts Venture North". These books are two of the most comprehensive compilations of family history it has been my pleasure to see and read through. They not only trace the Hewett family origins, but also the descendants of those five Hewetts to the present day. Anyone wanting to know more about the Hewetts would do well to acquire these books.

Our Charles Shallum Hewett is another of those children. However, I have not tried to produce a book of the magnitude of those two mentioned above. This is merely a brief glossary of the lives and characters of us and our ancestors as I know it, written in a way that, hopefully, anyone of any age can enjoy finding out a little of who we are and from whence we came.

Thank you all . . . Stuart Oliver



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