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From Stuart Oliver 17 Gwynne Corner, Jane Brook, WA, Australia, 6056 Phone/Fax: (08) 9250 1839 Mobile: 0417 090 321 Email: 29/3/2009 The Editor Vote No to Daylight Saving! Once again we are faced with a multi-million dollar cost foisted on us by a few politicians who appear to lack any feeling for those of the community that are worst affected by daylight saving. Their only interest is there own. The likes of Matt Burnie, Eric Ripper, John D’Orazio can only be described as totally selfish men, as they, in public office (or were in), should understand better than most the hardships that daylight saving inflicts on a large proportion of the public. All this just so they can bask in the limelight it creates around them and give some the dubious benefit of an extra hour in the sun. Some argue that without DLS we have increased business difficulties with the eastern states. However, this minimal increase is far offset by the difficulties it creates by throwing us out of sync with our many trading partners in South-east Asia - China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and others. Although I am now long retired and DLS has little effect on me, I was on the land in the eastern states when it was introduced there in 1971 and felt the full detrimental effects it created. Therefore I do have an understanding of both sides. I believe that many of those who favour DLS would not vote for it if they just listened and realised the hardships it causes to people on the land, those who already start work in the early hours of the morning and, not least, the effect it has on young families whose children have to be dragged from bed and start school in a somewhat dazed state of mind. (Ask any parent or teacher. Recent trials have found that children actually perform better when they start later still.) Another factor not brought forward by DLS supporters is the undoubted increased power usage as families reach for the air-conditioners an hour earlier. If anyone doubts this, just look at the enormous spending on advertising, introduced after the effects of DLS was felt, to get people to cut down on usage, or raise the temperature setting, between 3-5pm. For those who worry about climate change – well, that advertising speaks for itself. To those young who feel they should have the opportunity to vote on it every few years, spare a thought for their counterparts in the Eastern States who have not had that opportunity for over 33 years. You, too, will one day marry and have children and face the difficulties it creates for those who have to care for them. As for sunshine? We already enjoy more than most, so don’t let Matt Burnie or Eric Ripper and their cronies turn you into the same selfish types they are. Vote NO to DLS! Thank you Stuart Oliver (Address and phone details below)