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FAX from Stuart Oliver 2/12/1999 Re: Calendar Mistakes? Jim Lane certainly has done some research. However, even Pope Gregory, I believe, would not deny existence to all those poor souls born between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 1AD; and I am quite sure their mothers would not have enjoyed giving birth to 1-year old children! We are aware that our calendar is not correct but, unfortunately, it is the one we go by. Therefore, we must accept that the first year of each 1000 years starts at 0 and works its way through to 1, regardless of whether some monk got it right or wrong [and Jim Lane's research says it could be up to six years out.] Jim Lane must have great trouble balancing his cheque book, as on his theory, each cent starts at $1. If a shopkeeper wants to charge him, say, 5c, does he insist on paying him a dollar because there is nothing between 0 and 1? Lucky shopkeeper! His mathematics on the Australian federation is also incorrect. If it was signed on January 1, 1901, then this date is the beginning of the 1 st Federation century; the following January 1 is the beginning of the 2 nd Federation year. If the second year started on the next day, then we would gain a day each year. Perhaps Jim longs for the old days of the "baker's dozen"; I can understand that! In reality, it becomes 100 years old at the precise time of day that it was originally signed, at which point the second Federation century (or point in time] begins. Oh, and please feel free to give me a dollar for each of the 99 cents that come before the $1. I like that! Regards Stuart Oliver 64a Towncentre Drive Thornlie WA 6104 Phone: 9455 6717 64a Towncentre Drive, Thornlie, WA, Australia, 6108 Phone: (08) 9455 6717 Fax: (08) 9456 1614 Email: