Stu's Stories as at 2022

107 | P a g e Moose (or Mouss) An interesting aside to the information on Casy Island are all the stories that Brent and Ana, from their yacht, Impi , have placed on YouTube and the internet. One of the most endearing is about an abandoned dog called “Moose” (or in French, Mouss). Some claim he was not abandoned; however he was left to live alone...not the life a loving dog would choose. One story is that when everyone left Casy Island and they tried to take away the dogs on it, “Moose” refused to go. He learned to feed himself by catching fish and any other seafood he found edible. Plus he became a “household” name among all the visiting yachts who would also see that he was fed. Because of my gg-grandfather being buried there, I came to think of Moose as the “guardian of the island”. Whenever they were in New Caledonian waters, Brent, Ana and Impi would return to the island to check on Moose. When they found him not well, they arranged for a vet to fly in and treat him. I looked forward to meeting Moose when I finally got to visit New Caledonia and Casy Island. Sadly, that would not happen as Moose passed away late in 2017. Brent relaxing with Moose. I’m sure his spirit still wanders the island, keeping the spirits of my Captain John Oliver, and those of the Alric family, company. I felt that Moose deserved to be recognised for his ability to live alone on, and “guard”, Casy Island. Therefore I had a plaque made and mounted on a stone support slab to be placed where all can see it when they visit Casy island. Brent and Ana have made many videos of their travels, including quite a number covering various parts of New Caledonia. They fell in love with Moose and, hence, returned time and again to Casy island to check on him. Because of their videos, Moose became recognised around the world and this brought about the raising of funds and drawing the attention of animal welfare groups to the plight of many animals on the islands