Stu's Stories as at 2022

A few Fond Memories of MyVery Early Life and Other Stories I have often been asked to write down some of what I consider entertaining or interesting times of my early life - to me, anyway. So, for those of you who have a masochistic nature, following are a few of the highlights, and not so highlight, moments of my life. These stories were all written at different times, so, sometimes, there is a little bit of repetition of some segments of the stories. Please bare with me on this. Through the stories and pictures, I am sure you will all get an understanding of what my life was like . . . and what I was like. Growing up through the Second World War made things both interesting and difficult at the same time; at least for our parents. All commodities and many foods were in very short supply, or not available at all. Therefore, we all learned to pitch in and do what ever would help. This, alone, made for an interesting and informative life. 5 | P a g e