Stu's Stories as at 2022

67 | P a g e My Two “Dreams” For those who have followed my letters to newspapers and politicians over the years, you will have seen a number of letters referring to the need to bring water from the north of WA. Martin Luther King said: “I have a dream...” Well, I have two dreams... The first has been a life-long dream to see Australia become a Republic. To see the Union Jack erased from our flag. I think I must have been born a “Republican” for, as far back as I can remember, I have rebelled against all things “royal” - always refused to toast or swear allegiance to the queen whom I consider the head of a foreign country (see story “Back to Teenage Years!”, about my induction into National Service, on page 27). To this end I have even designed a new flag that I believe can unite all Australians, including our Aboriginals, colonist descendants and the immigrants from all parts of the globe who have made Australia “home”. I believe the Aboriginals of our country would be proud to accept a flag that accommodates the best of their flag and that of the existing Australian flag. The design uses the earthy colours of the Aboriginal flag that truly depict the vastness of Australia. The Southern Cross is a must in whatever design is accepted, and I have changed the sun of the Aboriginal flag to that of our Federation star. I believe it is way past time for Australia to stand for itself; at the same time I see no reason not to continue as part of the Commonwealth of Nations, the same as other former colonies have done.