Stu's Stories as at 2022

72 | P a g e My Mormon Story I believe being half deaf from birth tends to make one a deep thinker. The reason being that the necessity for extreme concentration to try and understand what is being said, particularly when there is a mix of background noise, is so tiring that you tend to stop listening. I always had a close number of friends who understood this and, when we were in a noisy position, would simply nudge me and talk directly into my good ear to get the necessary answers wanted. The rest of the time my mind would simply wander over the crowds mentally analyzing each of those around me, or would think through the reasons for why one thing or another happens, questioning and analyzing the ideas that passed through my mind. In doing this my mind would often wander onto the subject of nature . . . thinking about how the world, with all its complexities, came to be. Hence, I had always believed that there had to be a “power” behind it. Being brought up in the Presbyterian Church I had a Christian understanding of the why’s and wherefore’s as espoused by various ministers of religion. However, I have a mind that believes that there has to be a logical explanation for all things, as any explanation or idea that is not logical is not worthy of consideration. I did not think much of it all until my late teenage years when my work entailed the typesetting of, first, a so-called translation of the Bible into what was termed simple English and, second, the typesetting of a monthly publication that would take an extract from the Bible and put an interpretation on it that, to me, was often so illogical that I would spend time investigating the relevant passage. In doing so, it was plain to see that, when reading the paragraphs before and after the extract, you got a completely different, and logical, explanation. An example of this that has always stuck in my head was an extract about “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are one with each other”. The claim was that meant they were all the same person. What illogical rubbish! Does this mean that when Christ was baptized by John and a voice from Heaven said: “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased”, that Christ was doing a ventriloquist act by throwing his voice so it appeared to come from the Heavens? Illogical rubbish! It was this job of typesetting that set me on a path that had me wander into different churches as I travelled around the country just to hear what they had to say. Unconsciously looking for answers, I suppose. I never once had any feeling for the illogical stories offered and being told “we should not question this or that” when a minister was asked a question he could not answer. Why not question? The only way to learn anything is to question. I would often lay looking at the stars and wonder about how all this wondrous universe could come about and what controlled it; for some power had to be in control. The teaching that God “created” the earth, to me, was totally illogical, so has to be a failing in translation. It must be remembered that many of the old languages had no English equivalent. Indeed, this is so with many languages today. However, for someone with the necessary power, to “mold” the world from existing materials is logical, and this I could understand and has been backed up by science.