The Veness Family History

The Riglesford Family Origins John and Sarah Riglesford John Riglesford was born about 1766; the couple originally living in Rye, Sussex, before moving to the Brightling-Mountfield area. They married around 1786. Their children were: John, c. 6 Oct 1787, at Rye; George, c. 27 Oct 1791, Brightling; Thomas, c. 25 Aug 1793, Brightling; Frances, c. 4 Apr 1795, Brightling; Elizabeth, c. 19 Mar 1797, Mountfield; Sophia, c. 14 Apr 1799, Mountfield; James, c. 23 Aug 1801, Mountfield; Ann, c. 9 Dec 1804, Brightling; Jonathon, c. 6 Dec 1807, Mountfield; Robert, c. 14 July 1810, Mountfield; Rose (son), c. 14 July, 1810, Mountfield, died 1811. Above: Entry to 12th Century Church, Mountfield John appears on the 1841 census, living with his youngest son, Robert, in Bowden’s Woods, Brightling. He was buried at Brightling on 3 August 1846. George Riglesford and Sophia Funnell George Riglesford was baptised in Brightling on 27 October 1791, the son of John and Sarah. Sophia Funnell was born in 1794 and baptised in Chiddingly in July 1800, the daughter of Henry Funnell and Lucy Thomas (who were married in Chiddingly in 1793). George worked as an agricultural labourer -- chiefly as a limeburner. He married Sophia Funnell in Mountfield on 5 November 1814; their children were born and baptised in Mountfield: Sophia, c. 7 July 1815; John, c. 7 Nov 1819; James, c. 7 Nov 1819; Sarah, c. 31 Mar 1822 (b. 5 Feb 1822); Mary, c. 30 May 1824. Sophia (the wife) died at the age of 33, and was buried in Mountfield on 9 July 1827. Three years later George remarried, his second wife being Ann Mannington, whom he married in Mountfield on 10 April 1830. She was a widow. They had at least three children: Ann, c. 13 Mar 1831, Brightling; Samuel, c. 1838, Mountfield; George, c. 1839, Mountfield. 12 | P a g e