The Veness Family History

William Keen (1755) & Mary Evans William Keen was obviously one of the few scholars of his time. He was able to write, and kept a record of his family’s birth dates in a a family Bible. His records show that he was born 5 Mar 1755 at Blockley, Worcestershire, England, to Samuel and Alice Keen. He was christened 1 April 1757 at Stow, Gloucestershire, England. William married Mary Evans 25 Sep 1779 in Stow, Gloucestershire, England. Records show that William signed the register. Their first child was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, but baptised in Stow. Perhaps Mary had gone to her mother’s place for the birth of her child, William, 3 June 1780, the first of approximately 13. 27 | P a g e