The Nicholls of Blockley
There is an interesting bit of history regarding Mary Nicholls, the mother of Ann Nicholls, that bears recording here, as it gives an insight into her character which, apparently, appears to have been rather fiery at times.

William Nicholls (c. 1747) and Mary (c. 1753), were married about 1775.

They had at least eight children, of which Ann Nicholls (baptised 25 May 1785) was the eighth.

William and Mary Nicholls joined the Chipping Campden Baptist Church in 1792, and the following excerts are from the Church book:

"Oct 17 1802 At a church meeting held it was agreed that Mary Nichols of Blockley be suspended from the Society till there has been a satisfactory amendment in her temper and conduct in account of the turbulent behaviour in her family -- unfriendly behaviour to all Members of the Church -- neglect of Sabbath and Divine Ordinances.

"Oct 2 1807 Mary Nichols of Blockley again admitted as she has discovered a more becoming Temper and Conduct.

"May 21 1818 Mary Nichols, the wife of Wm Nichols left this world. She had been long afflicted with asthma and dropsy which brought her into great weakness and impaired her intellect. She was a woman of good understanding, of warm passion, not always under proper government. I believe she often lamented this. At one time she was separated from the Church for her turbulent Temper and Conduct. Received again Oct 2 1807. Since then she discovered more of a Christian Spirit -- she expressed a deep sense of her unworthiness on her death bed -- once she said to me [writes Elisha Smith] "I think my failings do more injury to my Children than my virtues do good". She was buried in the Church Yard at Blockley and a Funeral Sermon preached at the Meeting House the 24th from Genesis 4 verse 13. (The verse is illegible, but believed to be 13.)"

On 24 September 1820 a separate Blockley Baptist Church was formed; William Nicholls was a member. He died 26 June 1836 and was buried in Blockley Churchyard 29 June 1836.

Church of St Thomas à Becket

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