Stuart Oliver

A Few Pics of Our Boats

Boating has been a big part of our life from the time Marg's brother and Myself built the steel cruiser shown until we came west and I got back into sailing - as well as water-skiing. (Just grab and slide the pics or leave as auto slideshow. Don't miss the full-screen button at top right of pics.)

  • Cruiser_6e
  • Rimfire_1e
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  • Silver-Mist_1e
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  • Soling_same-as-Silver-Mist_Geoff-sailing_3e
  • The-Magician+boys_1e
  • The-Magician+Geoff_2e
  • The-Magician+kids_2e
  • The-Magician_2e
  • The-Magician_3e
  • The-Magician_4e
  • The-Magician_5e
  • The-Magician_6e


The cruiser was built from steel by myself and Marg's brother, Kevin, while still on the orchard in NSW. The Magician was a 21ft cruiser-racer in which we won many races and the kids all learned to sail and handle the yacht (also winning many races) without my help. In fact, I was awarded a trophy they called the "Sardine Trophy" because, they said, they could never tell how many kids were on my boat - and we still beat them. Silver Mist (the open cockpit yacht) is a 26ft Soling Olympic Class racer in which we again won many races before health forced me into retirement from the rigours of around-the-buoys racing. (The one shown in here racing is a sister boat being raced by Geoffrey and friends.) Rimfire was a 19ft Bullit ski boat in which many of the kids learned, and enjoyed, water skiing.